Equation can offer its expertise on the following projects :

  • Company mergers and sales : Due to our specific knowledge of these sectors, we can assist you in determining the target companies that correspond to your needs in terms of market positioning, type of organisation, level of performance or opportunities for synergy. We can assist you in the selling process by looking for a buyer who not only is capable of paying the right price, but also suits your needs: type of business, interest in maintaining the company, capacity for reorganisation and development, keeping on current staff, etc.
  • Building a new plant : Investment is the key to business development. It is the only way to keep up with demand and maintain regulatory compliance, particularly in terms of hygiene and quality. Moreover, to help agri-food businesses to modernise or develop new infrastructures, Equation draws up a complete checklist of steps to follow to determine specifications that really take all issues into account: technical and industrial, hygiene and quality, regulatory and environmental.


  • Deciding on production technology : Any significant physical investments that a company makes, whether it’s building new production facilities or buying new process equipment, are based on strategic choices that take important economic issues into account. These include the financial means necessary to make this investment as well as the cost of using the new facilities.


Equation can handle this project for you :

  • First, we conduct a feasibility study on the project that is supported by market studies and competitor analysis, research on positioning, financial analysis and a business plan.
  • Then we define investment needs, both tangible (building new production tools, purchasing equipment, etc.) and intangible (developing new products, research and development, advertising, etc.)
  • Finally, we offer guidance to general management regarding investment decisions.