Réorganisation de société

The need to reorganise a company arises when:

  • Hygiene and safety standards are constantly updated.
  • Production or business increases.
  • Profitability decreases (declining business, disorganised logistics, bad production management, etc.)

Plants must undergo essential changes to ensure their survival. The aim is to specialise them and make them more competitive.

Restructuration d'entreprise

Drawing on its experience, Equation can help you with this project, thanks to a team of consultants who are capable of working in the field as well as in an administrative capacity :

  • Performing audits and drafting specifications: determining targets (setting up new organisational charts and processes, grouping infrastructures together, etc.) followed by defining and implementing aims for achieving the targets.
  • Managing construction projects (single point of contact with outside contractors).
  • Organisational and strategic advice.
  • Assistance and guidance during the reorganisation: redefining jobs, management coaching, skills transfer.